The Contacts (address book) app for Lune OS, rewritten with Enyo 2. Typically, most data is supplied by Synergy Connectors, but it also allows local editing.


You can develop in the browser like a normal Enyo 2 web app - Contacts will use the data in db8SourceMock.js and the mock directory. You’ll need node.js and enyo-dev:

After pulling this source code, start a bash shell, cd to the app directory, then run enyo init to pull in the dependencies.

To rebuild on any change (for developing in the browser), run this command once in the app directory: enyo pack --watch

To test in a browswer (Chrome is most like LuneOS) surf to dist/index.html

To rebuild and install on a LuneOS device attached via USB, run this command in the app directory: enyo pack && adb push dist /usr/palm/applications/ && adb shell systemctl restart luna-next; adb forward tcp:1122 tcp:1122 Then, in Chrome, surf to localhost:1122 to debug.


If you want to contribute you can just start with cloning the repository and make your contributions. We’re using a pull-request based development and utilizing GitHub for the management of those. All contributions must be a pull-request on GitHub. At least one of the core developers needs to approve the pull-request before it can be merged.

Please refer to for information about how to contact the developers of this project.

API exposed to other apps

luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.applicationManager/launch ‘{“id”:””, “params”: {“launchType”: “newContact”, “contact”: {“nickname”: “Madoka”}}}’